TUT Information Technology is the developer of a unique patent pending data transfer and storage technology called Probabilistic Binary Data Transformation or “ProBinary”. ProBinary can transform a digital file of any type, no matter how big it may be, into few hundreds of distinct code bytes, and can convert back those code bytes into a uniquely decipherable digital file. It thus speeds up data transfer to unimaginable rates and allow huge saving in storage capacity.

TUT Information Technology will drive its business through partnerships with ICT industry vendors who are looking forward to using the unique and revolutionary ProBinary solution in their products. TUT Information Technology will be working with partners worldwide to bring its revolutionary ProBinary solution to the ICT industry.

The target partners are the vendors of applications and devices of managed file transfer, data storage management, WAN optimization, mobile wireless and satellite communication and data security.

ProBinary is available for demonstration to investors and technology partners