Probabilistic Binary Data Transformation or ProBinary is a patent pending technology that relates to data and multi media storage and transfer. It can reduce any digital file to few hundreds of code bytes and restore the file to its original size without any loss. It thus provides powerful compression that can significantly save in storage space and admit transfer of very large files at tiny fraction of the time experienced with the current compression technology. It also can provide strong encryption and secure file transfer over public networks.

All claims made to reduce the size of files that include random strings of digits have been proven wrong but ProBinary, for the first time in industry, can compress the size of random strings of data. It can transform a data file of any type and size (document, image, video or audio) even if it is already compressed, into few hundreds of distinct code bytes (down to less than 1 KB) and thus significantly speeds up file transfer over communication networks including the Internet and allows huge saving in storage capacity all with lossless data restoration and strong encryption. It can also allow transfer of tremendous amount of data over bandwidth-constrained wireless networks.

ProBinary, developed by TUT Information Technology, is not anticipated, rendered obvious, suggested, or implied by any of the existing compression technologies, either alone or in any combination thereof.

To attain its function, ProBinary comprises either hardware or software based algorithm and may be seamlessly integrated into existing applications and appliances of WAN optimization, managed file transfer, storage management and wireless communication to achieve unimaginable levels of compression and encryption.

ProBinary is available for demonstration to investors and technology partners