Migrant Health Promotion builds on community strengths to improve health in farmworker and border communities. Our programs provide peer health education, increase access to health resources and bring community members together with health providers, employers and policymakers to create positive changes. Community leaders, called Promotores and Promotoras, provide the inspiration, direction and vision necessary to build stronger, healthier communities — from within.

Our vision is that that farmworker and migrant families and their communities will enjoy health without barriers and will be respected, honored and rewarded equitably.

That Migrant Health Promotion is known as the national leader for farmworker and migrant families, in health promotion, guiding program development, advocacy and national policy.

Farmworkers and migrant workers contribute significantly to the welfare of our country.  Migrant Health Promotion is grateful for the work they do and is committed to support them in improving their lives.  We believe we do that best when we:

   Treat all people with respect and compassion
   Create trust by acting with honesty and integrity
   Collaborate to create communities that are empowered to improve their own circumstances
   Change systems to eliminate root causes of poor health and of health disparities
   Use community-driven approaches that use the skills, talents and wisdoms of the people with whom we work