MHRCET is comprised of caring, dedicated, and mission driven individuals working toward the common goal of helping those with mental health and recovery issues. Our primary objectives are providing quality mental health services, educating the general public, engaging those in need of support, and advocating for those who are unable to advocate for themselves.

Our services are provided remotely allowing individuals the convenience and comfort to connect with mental health professionals from any location, at any time. Each person participating in one or more program, therefore, has the ability to sustain support and treatment, as well as continued education and awareness.

The intent of MHRCET is to eliminate the need of going from one agency, website, or program to the next seeking answers to immediate mental health questions. Whether assistance is sought for the individual, a family member or friend, we want to close the gap and streamline the process while providing direct answers and solutions.

Our overall goal is to provide mental health and recovery services to every person in need, including schools, in the workplace, the homeless, and incarcerated individuals reentering society with the need for continual treatment and support.