Most victims are women and children. The new website, www.mi-13security.com  provides solutions with many unique personal protective products, designed just for women and children which are found only online.

This new website has been launched to provide unique products for women and children’s safety.  “My goal with this website is to provide women and children access to self defense and personal protection devices for smaller hands, easy to use under stress and concealable,” said James Barnett, owner of MI-13 Security in Fort Lupton, Colorado.

Many of the self protection products at MI-13 Security are small, only 2 inches wide by 4 inches high for an easy grip.  Locking actuators means the pepper spray or stun gun has a safety switch.  Numerous items portray other uses, lipstick, cell phones, pens and children toys.

The whole purpose of using a defense stun gun or pepper spray is to stop the assailant immediately, disable the assailant so he can no longer hurt you or loved ones, and give the opportunity to escape to a safe place without permanently harming the assailant.

The personal protection products at,   www.mi-13security.com  don’t require a women or child to be strong, athletic or agile.  “There are many different sizes, grips, shapes and spray patterns to meet our customer’s needs,” states James Barnett.

Everyone deserves to feel safe at home, the workplace and in public.  The site also features college, business and home kits, instructional DVD’s and informational articles for visitors.

All devices requiring batteries will have them shipped with the order.  I also carry replacement batteries, pepper spray refills and holsters with next day shipping.  Our complete line of products can be found at  www.mi-13security.com