Who we are.
If you are a fan of original high quality unique products. If you enjoy having your personal unique style. If you´re willing to bet on a Made in Spain Brand, then you´re in luck! Welcome to Mi-Spain!
Mi-Spain is an online store of original and limited series fashion created and made in Spain.
Mi-Spain mission
Mi-Spain supports entrepreneurs who had the courage to carry out their dreams and turn their creations into reality
We promote original products created in small and medium local workshops, far from massive  globalized production
We actively support local economy by providing demand to locally based workshops and companies.
We believe in a Made in Spain label for out of the box  high quality Spanish products.
We offer added value to the product by linking it to its manufacturer and the people who worked hard to make it come true
Mi-Spain promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions starting from materials used by our manufacturers and ending with the packaging used to send our orders.
What we offer
Our products: you know that they are not part of a massive production, and most probably you´re the only one with a copy since most of our products are limited series if not unique creations
Our sustainable policy: Your choice to support sustainable practices concerning local economy and environment.
Our added value: You know the story behind each product; not a lot of people can say so!
Our service: Made in Spain at your doorstep
Our personal shopper: if you´re on a visit, we take you to all those unique boutiques and help you choose what suits you most!
You´re the king and the queen:  We value your opinion, so whatever the reason get in touch through our contact form and lets us know, we do listen.