In the words of the great American Poet, Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. who is professionally known as Lil’ Wayne, “I go where my creativity takes me.”

Much like Lil’ Wayne, we have followed our creativity and it has lead us here, to the Miami Flower Market. Our passion for flowers and creative self-expression inspired us to open a market where people from the community, including florists, can purchase flowers for any and all occasions. We’re a flower wholesaler that’s dedicated to providing the best flowers South Florida has ever seen. With large walk-in coolers, our flowers stay fresher longer and are always ready to go.

For a long time, the Miami Flower Market was just a dream and a far off goal. Nowadays it’s a reality and our dreams have changed. The way we see it, everyone should have access to flowers and plants year round. Our goal is to get everyone in South Florida as excited about flowers as us. We want to do that with our range of local flowers, exotic blooms, succulents, and more. We have classes that teach different styles of flower arranging. We participate in the community and go to events. We reach out to local florists and provide them the flowers for their businesses. At the Miami Flower Market we unite DIY enthusiast and florists under one common passion: flowers.