Norwich Author & Historian Michael Chandler is proud to announce that his forthcoming book, The Jews in Norfolk, published by Halsgrove Publishing will be available in all good book shops from September 2012.

The book tells the story of how the Jews came to Norwich in 1066 with King William the Conqueror and stayed until the Royal Edict of 1290 was set out by King Edward I banishing the Jewish race from England. It also tells of the story of 12 year old William who was found dead in Norwich in 1144 and the Jewish race of Norwich were blamed, and it formed the word ‘Blood Libel’. The Jews were protected by the Sheriff.

The book has many photographs and interviews and gives details of all the old Jewish Burial Grounds in Norfolk.

Who is Michael Chandler?

Michael came to Norwich in 2006 and quickly started to write about the city.

His first book, ‘Murder & Crime Norwich’ was published by The History Press in 2010 and is all about famous crimes in Norwich from 1144-1908.

His second book ‘Poetry From The Other Side’ which is published by Wordclay is a change of style for Michael as it concentrates of humour poetry.

As well as The Jews in Norfolk being published, Michael’s fourth book is ‘The Norwich plaque Guide’ which will be published by The History Press in 2013 is all about the historical plaques in Norwich.

Michael also writes for JMD Media which publish on Amazon Kindle.

His first book for them is ‘Robert Kett and the Norfolk Rebellion’ which is about the Norfolk Rebellion of 1549.

His second book is ‘Will Kemp’ which is about the London actor who morris danced from London to Norwich in nine days in 1600.

His third book is ‘The Hertfordshire Tragedy’ which is about Mayor of Norwich’s Son, John Thurtell, a fraudster who went on to kill William Weare and was executed in 1824.

Michael is now in the middle of his fourth book which is about Susannah Holmes and Henry Kabel who were transported from Norwich to Australia in the late 1700s and formed the first Dynasty family of Australia.