ST. LOUIS, MO - Exhibitors are faced with hundreds of tasks to make their trade show marketing program effective. But which areas do exhibitors need to focus on to ensure success? To answer this question, senior trade show veteran, Michael Flavin, is hosting a beneficial trade show webinar titled, "25 of the Most Common Trade Show Mistakes…. And How You Can Prevent Them!"

A seasoned trade show exhibitor and Senior Account Executive, Flavin has had extensive experience within the field, "I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with hundreds of companies of all sizes in all industries over the past 8 years," said Flavin. "This webinar is based on my insights & experiences in seeing companies exhibit very successfully at trade shows… and others not so effectively."

Exhibitors who attend this webinar will gain valuable insights about trade show marketing expectations, booth staffing, lead management, and more. Running at various times throughout both 2014 and 2015, the 45 minute long webinar will end with a fast-paced Q&A session where Flavin answers live questions asked by webinar attendees.

Exhibitors interested in learning about better trade show display marketing can register for the webinar by clicking here (or go to www.25TradeShowMistakes.com). Once registered, attendees will receive an email confirming their registration with information needed to join the webinar.