Psychic… Medium… Speaker…  Spiritual Teacher…  Published Author… these are some of the words that have been used to describe based psychic medium Michael Mapes. Michael currently splits his time between Des Moines, Iowa and Minneapolis, Minnesota providing psychic readings and offering lectures and classes on spirituality and psychic development.

Michael is not your typical psychic. At the age of 5 Michael declared to his preschool teacher that he was a psychic. Throughout his early life and teen years he continued to deal reluctantly with these gifts. At the age of 19, Michael decided to go public with his gifts believing that he has an obligation to use his gifts to help improve the lives of individuals.

Since that time Michael has read for people on every continent, worked with the police to solve crimes and participated in scientific research on mediums. He has appeared on dozens of shows including APSR Radio, The Joyce Kellar Show, The X-zone, Angels Among Us, Power 96.5 and many more. He has been featured in various print publications and is known for his accurate style.