Michael R Basso Consulting is a comprehensive leadership consulting practice which is applicable to a broad array of organizations, which includes, but is not limited to, those in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, and Non-Profit arenas.

The five primary divisions of Michael R Basso consulting are: Quality Management, I/O Psychology, Strategic Planning, Academic Consults and Holistic Health.

The Preesident and CEO, is Michael R Basso, Ph.D., MBA. :

Michael R Basso, PhD (psychology and biomedical systems), MBA (executive leadership), MS (engineering science) is an ASQ certified Quality Engineer, Reliability Engineer and Quality Auditor with significant experience which includes Leadership roles in Total Quality Systems Management in Industrial organizations. Dr. Basso also has advanced academic work in Education, Pathophysiology and Neural Systems.

Dr. Basso’s experiences include being a psychology educator at Yale University and the University of CT and a medical researcher at Yale medical school. Michael is also president of the CT Holistic Health Assn and is a newspaper columnist as well as being a consultant. Dr. Basso has authored several publications, including, The Human Side of Quality and the TAO: The Greening of Leadership – available from ASQ Press and Spiritual Medicine: A Guide for Clinicians, Educators, and Researchers.