Dark Mantis Enterprises is the new beginning for up and
coming writers, and Filmographers. We are committed and
dedicated in helping self-published authors reach his or
her goals in becoming a well-known writer. This is a
difficult task, because many do not accept self-published
writer or give reviews on self-published work.

We are creating a place where self-published writers,
bibliographers, screenplay/script writers, and
Filmographers can host their work. Writers have the
option to utilize our services through by advertisement
and promoting their work on our site. It is a tough
competitive market for new upcoming writes.

Did you know that literary agents and publishers reject
over 30,000 manuscripts a year. In order to submit your
manuscript to a publisher, you must have some sort of

It is a tough market out there and we are here to help
reach your goals if you’re interested in our services. You
may contact us through by our contact page. Be sure to
leave your email address, a brief description of what your
interests are, and contact number. We look forward to
hearing from and thank you once again for choosing Dark
Mantis Enterprises.