American Sportsmen's Club (ASC) is a unique hunting club base in Michigan.  ASC leases hunting property in Michigan and Ohio for use by its members and their families.  Members reserve a property leased by ASC through our reservation system, and then have that piece of property to themselves for the time they have it reserved.  Property is available all year for scouting, hiking, fishing, and hunting.  Our deer hunting is superb with many Pope and Young class bucks taken.  In 2008, the #3 buck taken with archery equipment in Michigan was taken on our property.  Our members have average 150% success on deer using our property.  That means many members take multiple deer.  In addition, through our affiliation with the American Wildlife Association (AWA), we are able to provide our members with many hunting opportunities outside of Michigan.  We have had several members hunt in Kansas, and they have taken some outstanding animals.  With our system members are able to enjoy hunting on thousands of acres of private hunting leases for the cost of a single small lease.