Micoley & Company Real Estate Auctions is a project focused "Auction" company that customizes an accelerated marketing program for financial institutions, commercial/corporate clients, and the individual property owner. Micoley & Company Real Estate Auctions can also manage and facilitate the sale of company assets, inventory, etc., in order to provide the smoothest possible transaction for our clients.

At Micoley & Company, our breadth of experience is second to none. Since each client's needs are unique, each solution we propose is equally unique. We will aggressively analyze and strategize in order to develop a "highest and best use" approach to each accelerated marketing campaign in order to produce the most successful "auction" event possible.

In addition to simply providing auction services to our clients, Micoley & Company is also full-service Real Estate Brokerage Firm, with a 27+ year track record of successful operation. We offer a complete portfolio of services for our rapidly expanding base of clients.