Micro-Cruising is more than just a Cruise company. We bring justice to the passion of the world’s most inspiring creators of life enriching cruise experiences underpinned by an unwavering set of values and a faithful commitment to experiential travel.   Enriching connections with the destination and inspiring memories are at the core of everything we do.


Non-conformity – We give them something they never knew they wanted.
Forget Clichés – It’s not about the buffet table. This is cruising but not as your know it.
Transformative Experiences – Challenge, inspire and connect.
Tell a story – we don’t sell, we tell.
Small is Beautiful – Enough said.


It all started with a belief: the belief that the cruise industry has the ability to enrich lives, transform people and ultimately change the world for the better. At a time when the high-end cruise market had become overwhelmed with an endless supply of over-produced, same-same offerings, commoditised and promoted by the traditional luxury Cruise industry, Nicola Caygill recognised that the industry needed to change.

The experiential small ship cruise industry was emerging and it needed a leader. Today’s high-end, sophisticated traveller has moved away from the traditional concept of enjoy luxury for luxuries sake and towards a more authentic, culturally sincere idea of cruise travel. They seek personal revolutions, so they look for journeys involving potent and immersive experiences. The lesser known small ship cruise suppliers of these life-enriching experiences needed to be given a voice.

In 2013 Micro-Cruising was founded with the purpose of better showcasing the world’s most visionary, most innovative small ship cruise suppliers. The integration of online product loading ensured that the inspiring creators of life enriching experiences are given a cruise-industry-defining platform, while the introduction of a groundbreaking travel agent back-end space makes it an even more mutually beneficial for the industry. Now considered the world’s defining small ship cruise website, Micro-Cruising is a hub of ideas, inspiration and innovation.  It’s a place where the most informed and passionate experiential travellers and travel agents rally to join forces with like-minded peers.