MicroBiz is cloud-based point of sale/inventory management software for multi-channel retailers seeking to manage their store inventory, ecommerce sites and mobile point of sale terminals from a single platform.  

MicroBiz is an enterprise class retail management system, and features real-time multi-store inventory management, cross-channel customer records, PO/Receiving, special orders, gift card management, work orders, store transfers, and cross-channel management reporting.  MicroBiz works on virtually any Internet device (PC’s, Mac’s, iPads) and all popular operating systems, so you can have iPad POS, tablet POS and Windows POS using a single application.

MicroBiz also features a seamless integration with Magento – allowing retailers to continually synch products, customers, inventory and prices between their stores and ecommerce sites and generate management reports across all channels.  

MicroBiz retail software has been purchased by over 25,000 retailers worldwide.  MicroBiz was founded in 1985 and is based in Menlo Park, CA.