Micro BVM is an expert in emergency medical equipment, and BVMs (bag valve mask) in particular.  Unlike any products on the market, Micro BVM’s resuscitators collapse into a durable and compact case.  
The advantages of Micro BVMs products are:
1.     Save space:  easily fit into any emergency kit, and are ideal for units with space limitations such as those on bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs.  The dimensions of the casing is 134mm/ 15 ¼ “  (diameter) x 63mm/ 2 ½ “ (height) and the units have been shown to save up to 75% in space.

2.     Save time: provide paramedics with all the equipment they need in a single and compact unit  so they don’t waste valuable time during an emergency.

3.     Dependable:  made from the highest quality of materials, the devices are designed to withstand the toughest of environments. The case itself is highly durable and water-resistant and has proven itself on the battlefield, in fires and other hazardous situations.  The collapsible resuscitator can be assembled in seconds and has a lightweight and ergonomic design for optimal end-user handing.  It is made from high grade silicone and has a special textured surface to ensure a comfortable and firm grip which allows for effective ventilation for extended periods all whilst reducing hand-fatigue.  Additionally, all connections and materials conform to industry safety standards.

Micro BVMs clients include:  

•     Military: military units, physicians, paramedics, combat medics and field military hospitals.
•     EMS: EMS and first aid responders (providing pre-hospital care)
•     Rescue: air, sea and land medical evacuation teams
•     Hospitals: hospitals, emergency rooms, surgery & intensive care units
•     Tactical: law enforcement, search and rescue units,  persons involved in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).
•     First Aid: first aid kits for automobile and pleasure crafts
•     AED Kit (Automated External Defibrillator)