Microhubs.com – The Social Networking Empire Of Budding Entrepreneurs

Microhubs.com, the revolutionary social network that has been developed to link the upcoming entrepreneurs and start-ups has launched its crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter.com to fund the course.

Networking and generating business connections are vital for a business start-ups and small-scale entrepreneurs to establish and develop their venture. Unfortunately, not many get the opportunity to find the right team with the right skills at the initial stage. However, the hard truth is that there are many talented individuals possessing distinct skills but due to lack of professional connections are unable to find the matching business partners and associates. Microhubs.com is a rapidly growing social networking site that addresses this social issue and offers a simple and affordable solution.
Microhubs.com allows members with multi-talents to combine their skills, share projects and move forward with their unique business models in the competitive business world. This interactive business network stands apart form other social networking sites in many aspects. Personal online virtual desktop that enables sharing file, videos, images, whiteboards and many more is one of the best management tools the website provides for its users to organize and collaborate with fellow members without a hassle. The user-friendly User Interfaces that allow to connect with other members comfortably, 30+ high-end tools that offer a winning edge over the rivals, and increased exposure that is invaluable for a amateur in the business field are some of the key benefits one could gain by joining Microhubs.com or backing the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/techie/microhubscom-a-social-business-hub-and-more
To discourage the fake users, the website will charge a minimum $10 monthly subscription and in return will provide its users with an exclusive advertisement, promotion, update and pop-up free browsing experience.

Attractive Early Bird  Membership plans and many other unique offers are available for the backers of the Microhubs.com Kickstarter campaign. The crowdfunding campaign rewards are available under 4 pledge categories that range from $1 to $100, giving the opportunity from individuals with innovative ideas to serious entrepreneurs to be a part of this great business network.
Visit the website at: microhubs.com for more details.

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