Founded in 1988, Microspace Communications is a pioneer in innovative satellite broadcasting solutions for established and emerging enterprise applications, including digital signage, multimedia entertainment, corporate communications, radio broadcasting, wireless messaging and private data networks. Microspace's communications solutions such as VELOCITY, VELOCITY CellCast, and VELOCITY DataBridge are also used for applications like IoT, M2M, and SCADA.

VELOCITY CellCast utilizes cellular technology to provide the benefits of an easy to install, fully managed two-way network for multiple content delivery applications, including digital signage, POS backup, business continuity, and corporate communications.

Microspace also offers a wide variety of satellite, IP, and national multi-point fiber distribution business video services.

Fortune 500 organizations and small companies alike rely on Microspace to deliver their business critical video, audio and data content. As one of the largest global business satellite networks with remote links worldwide, Microspace has been delivering quality video via a world class Raleigh, NC teleport since the 1980’s.

Microspace Communications is a subsidiary of Capitol Broadcasting Company (CBC).

Learn more about Microspace Communications at http://microspace.com.