Midnight Coders, Inc. – Experts in Lean Integration offers development, testing and runtime technology that reduces the complexity of n-Tier integration.  By some estimates, approximately 40 percent of IT budgets are devoted to complex integration efforts that are expensive to maintain and difficult to change.  Midnight Coders' products and services remove the complexity of integration, while improving application performance, scalability and business profitability.  This helps IT organizations keep development and maintenance costs low, because there is less code to write, debug and maintain.      

Midnight Coders' products include:

WebORB Integration Server for .NET (premise- and cloud-based)
WebORB Integration Server for Java (currently premise-based only)
WebORB Integration Server for PHP (currently premise-based only)
WebORB Integration Server for Rails (currently premise-based only)
AppPuncher Debugger (premise- and cloud-based)
CloudPuncher (cloud-based service for load testing and performance monitoring)
PDF Generator (currently for .NET and Java)