MidPoint Capital, LLC is a private commercial real estate lender and investment firm that specializing in immediate and creative financing solutions. Its officers' knowledge and experience allows MidPoint to speedily, yet diligently and effectively, provide a multitude of non-conforming loan programs worldwide. Dedicated to professionalism and quality customer service, MidPoint Capital, LLC focuses on each Borrower's individual circumstances in order to provide flexible and innovative solutions.
Midpoint Capital Group, LLC is a private commercial real estate lending and investment company dedicated to closing short term non-conforming loans. Midpoint Capital recognizes the fact that each borrower presents unique circumstances and therefore places emphasis on innovation and efficiency, while working closely with clients to ensure project funding. Midpoint does not charge up front fees, and delivers the highest fixed rates loan quality for commercial loans. Our typical Asset Based /Hard Money Loans Rates range from 7% - 14% depending on property type, location and needs. Our minimum is $250,000 with no maximum.

As a privately held commercial mortgage banking and investment institution, we fund most of our loans by means of Wall Street CMBS loan securitization, acting as a commercial loan correspondent for select life insurance companies, bank participation, or privately help by local and national commercial investment buyers.
Specializing in short term non-conforming loans, Midpoint Capital, LLC is a leader in the realm of direct lending. With closing times typically within two weeks, Midpoint benefits clients that want to take advantage of opportunities requiring immediate action as well as clients that are facing financial crisis, such as foreclosure bailout or bankruptcy filing. Commitments are issued within 48 hours, providing our borrowers with assuredness that a banking partner is present. All origination fees, including the commitment fee, are paid at closing.
Please call me toll free at 866.451.9715 or send me an email at alexs@midpointeCapital.com to discuss your financing needs.