A Family owned and operated business, for more than 60 years, Midwest Appliance Parts, continues to provide the highest quality service to their community. The brick and mortar, family oriented and owned store is committed to providing the best in customer service and the highest grade of support to its customers.

Midwest Appliance Parts sells appliance parts. They remain one of the best places to find just about anything – especially those appliance parts that you didn't think you could find anywhere else. At Midwest Appliances Parts, you'll find parts for dishwashers, dryers, HVAC, Microwaves, and more. You'll also find refrigerator and freezer parts, stove, oven and range parts, washing machine parts, and refrigerator water filters. All of these appliance parts are the best fit for the various appliances that you might have, and you'll be able to find exactly what you are looking for at Midwest Appliance Parts.

Midwest Appliance Parts also has a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can help you by looking up your parts by the model number, and letting you know exactly what you need and whether it is in stock. This can be done in person, at the store location, or over the phone. Also, the staff works with the customers, providing them with the chance to diagnose that problems and fix it on their own if at all possible. This makes Midwest Appliance Parts the best place to contact if you have any problems at all with your appliances.

Buying new appliances is very costly, which means that it is always a good idea to try to fix your old appliances, in order to see if you can get a very cheap and affordable answer to your questions. Fixing up your old appliances is what you'll be able to do with the parts that you can find at Midwest Appliance Parts. Most of the time, the store can fix an appliance for under $100 dollars, as well as in under an hour. They do so using basic repair and tool skills.

In 2006, Midwest Appliance Parts launched an online presence with http://MidwestApplianceParts.com. At their online website, customers can ask them questions about their appliance parts. By 2009, the website has grown to a full sized ecommerce secure shopping website. Here, customers can find and buy their own parts for their appliances. There is also an Ask A Question Form, where users can send in a question about the various types of parts that they need, or where they can request a model number look up. No matter if you are in Chicago or elsewhere, you can find help here.

Midwest Appliance Parts has a toll free number, and also has live chat for instance help. The experts are online daily, offering parts and repair advice to users on the web.

Midwest Appliance Parts is a confident company, growing in a strong and positive direction. They are concerned with making new, positive relationships with their customers, and creating new dealer accounts for servicemen and companies. They offer on-site repair advice, the best that America has to offer.

Customers can take advantage of the online pricing, where the customers are able to get the savings of a virtual storefront with discount pricing. There is also an easy return and exchange policy, and fast shipping. Midwest Appliance Parts has worldwide shipping, as well, which allows international customers to get their appliance parts on http://MidwestApplianceParts.com.