Midwest Prairies, LLC, focuses on restoring the habitats and ecosystems of southern Wisconsin. Their work is as much art as science. Learning about how to live with nature and manage land in a way that is beneficial to nature and people is a never-ending quest. It is fascinating and frustrating. It is challenging and rewarding. But most of all it is incredibly satisfying.

As we all learn about the land and the plants and animals that abide there, we also learn about ourselves. We find that even though we have to live with all the frustrations that life brings, this is one place where we can make a concrete difference - for the land, for ourselves and for future generations.

Midwest Prairies specializes in projects that require a craftsman’s touch. They work with private land owners, park districts, state agencies, land trusts, utilities and others who wish to restore and enhance the land. Midwest Prairies, LLC restores and improves prairie, savanna, woodland and wetland habitats using the best techniques and practices available.