We've brought the best of digital technology to the brick-and-mortar world, by pairing truly intelligent software with physical proximity markers, such as beacons. We install a dense layer of beacons throughout the physical location - more than any other beacon platform - and marry it to our machine-learning software. The result is a personalization platform that works automatically, in real-time, to present each individual customer with unique offers and opportunities, learning and analyzing and responding to each instance of customer behavior. Our platform enables brick-and-mortar retailers to provide the kind of immersive, customized shopping experience enjoyed by digital retailers... and the amazing revenue growth that comes with it. It's automated, so retailers don't need to worry about extra staffing needs or more burdens on their marketing teams. The migo platform does more and does it 24/7 with not hands-on management required. It works on 100% of the physical inventory and provides unique customer experiences for every customer, on every visit, at the right place and time.