We, The Miiint Solutions provide most innovative Sales and Marketing solutions for all businesses using cutting edge technologies.
Most of the MNCs or big corporate houses in India are using latest tools and techniques to acquire, retain and enhance customer base, however these technologies have been traditionally out of reach to many small to medium size businesses.
The Miiint Solutions's mission is to empower SMEs to use all latest technologies for their sales and activities at extremely affordable prices and unique business models.

We are very experienced team of professionals and committed to bring latest and greatest internet and mobile technologies for Indian businesses.

Our solutions are as follows:
Sales Pro Live:
How do you feel when you drop in to any retail store and at the entry gate, customer service executive comes and asks “May I help you?”. He assists you around the store and helps you buy the best product according to your needs, resolving your queries, making your store-visit fruitful and marking the customer-satisfaction feeling in you.

Use SalesPro Live™ to give the same effect to every visitor of your website. Ask visitors whether they need help and increase sales and customer satisfaction. Provide premium customer service by chatting live with your customers and give direct assistance where it's needed.

Features of SalesPro Live™
• Real People to Monitor Your Website
• Proactively Engage Website Visitors and Convert them to Qualified Leads
• Increase Customer Retention
• Cloud Computing - No Need for additional Hardware, Software or Maintenance
• No Need for Additional Manpower
• Reports

iPromote Live™
We Help You Promote Your Business...

iPromote Live™ is a feature facilitating a live person who walks out onto your website capturing the attention of your visitor and delivering your message the exact way you intend for it to be delivered. Most of our clients report an average increase in conversions of around 400% and report that visitors stay on their website around 3 times longer which can significantly reduce your website bounce rate and this can vastly improve your websites search engine placement. It is like employing a virtual sales agent who can reach out from behind the computer and engage your audience.

How long do I have to capture the attention of my website visitor before I lose them? On an average, you only have 3-5 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitor before you lose the visitor to one of your competitors. That is why it is important to "wow" your visitor with a iPromote Live™ before it is to late.

If you have spent money on a website or have worked hard to build one yourself then you probably want to turn every visitor to your website into a customer. One way to dramatically increase your conversions is to add a live element to your website that will help your customers get more familiar with the message that you would like to deliver.

Websites appear to be more trustworthy the cleaner they look and this can help overwhelmingly increase your sales! Adding a website actor to your website will showcase your professionalism to your potential customer which will help instill a sense of comfort and a first good impression when the visitor first arrives to your website.

Put the same care into your website as you do your product and/or service by ordering a live actor who will help deliver your message with confidence and enthusiasm. Try it on your website for FREE on http://www.miiint.com/solutions/iPromoteLive/Solution_iPromoteLive.php
VoC Live: Voice of Customer
Do you want to listen to your website visitors, customers ?

Set up VoC application on your website, blog, social sites…

VoC application allows your customers and site visitors to leave voice messages right from a browser. VoC Live™ facilitates your website visitors, customers or readers to convey their feedback or queries by simply leaving Voice Messages right from the browser.

Features of VoC Live™
• Quick and easy way to connect with the visitors
• Great way to receive personal testimonials which could easily have far more of an effect than plain text on a page.
• Miiint Solutions offers a new tool to let your website visitors send you voice messages without any phone calls, enquiry forms, etc.
Try it on http://www.miiint.com/solutions/Solution_VoCLive.html