March 5, 2018, Bristol, UK – Test and Verification Solutions (T&VS), a leading hardware verification and software testing solutions provider, today announced that it has now reached 300 global engineering staff available to meet the growing demand for its services – making it one of the largest global independent test and verification companies.

“The growth in demand for our services is based on our ability to deploy expert global teams that focus on applying the most appropriate leading-edge test and verification solutions to meet the scale and individual requirement of each project.”  said Mike Bartley, T&VS CEO and Founder.  “Our focus has always been to configure cost-effective solutions that help our customers, both large and small, to design and deliver hardware and software products that are reliable, safe and secure.  With 300 employees we can now scale to meet even the most ambitious targets.”

Key drivers for the recent T&VS growth include:

Applying Cutting Edge Tools and Methodologies: T&VS continue to be at the front of applying the latest hardware verification tools and test methodologies including the use of formal and the Accellera Portable Stimulus Standard. Most recently the company announced its partnership with Cadence to deploy teams trained in the company’s Perspec System Verifier to enable customers to quickly get up and running using the tool and PSS.  T&VS is also collaborating with Mentor and Breker on PSS.
Scalability: The size of the company’s talent pool enables both large and small-scale projects to be undertaken in parallel.

“We recently ramped from 0-to-50 engineers in 1 month to work on six separate SV UVM SoC verification projects in parallel, all with Analog modelling, for a top-10 global semiconductor company.  All six chips came back working first time and I think that clearly demonstrates our ability to scale quickly with qualified teams.”  said Mike Bartley, T&VS CEO and Founder.

Embedded and IOT Testing: The pressure on companies to ensure their embedded and IoT products conform to the latest safety standards and are secured against the latest cyber threats have never been greater.  Extensive experience both testing products using low-level bare metal software and developing device drivers has enabled T&VS to provide the hard-to-find resources that many embedded projects require to meet their sign-off requirements.

Advanced, Scalable Software Testing: Through its innovative partnerships and in-house expertise T&VS have been able to meet the growing demand for independent, cost-effective and scalable software testing services across a broad range of industries and requirements including; application and data security, performance, UX, accessibility, crowd-sourced testing and safety certification.

Design for Testability (DFT): Continuously shrinking process nodes and multiple IP sources have introduced new and complex challenges for companies developing ASIC, SOC and FPGA devices. To meet these challenges T&VS has built a team of world-class DFT experts that provide end-to-end solutions and training, including the assessment and development of in-house DFT strategies.

Participation in Advanced Research: T&VS contributes to several advanced verification and validation (V&V) research projects that help to ensure it stays at the forefront of effective verification. Current projects include CAPRI, RoboPilot and PEnDAR which are looking at the V&V of autonomous vehicles and complex systems which incorporate AI and Machine Learning technologies.  Research includes looking at employing advanced formal methods, constrained random, assertions and functional coverage to enhance system operation and safety.

No Recruitment Plateau in Sight – Growth Continues to Drive Recruitment

With over 150 open positions available, T&VS continues to search for skilled test and verification engineers, hardware and software development staff and experienced project managers and team leads that can contribute to the success of its customer’s projects.  T&VS is looking to recruit for both permanent and contact positions – see the T&VS careers page.

To help develop their own staff T&VS run a wide variety of internal training programs including; DfT, Formal Verification, PSS and Perspec with Cadence, System Verilog and UVM, and the latest software testing tools.

“The key ingredient in our success is the expert talent of our staff.  Our employees seem to enjoy being part of a cutting-edge, fast-growth company where they have an opportunity to work with some of the top-name companies in hardware and software development across the U.S., Europe and Asia. We need our internal training programs to keep our engineers at the cutting edge of our fast-moving industry and to ensure we continue to deliver an efficient, effective service.”  said Karthik Nagappan, Director Engineering and Operations (USA, APAC).