At Milestone AMG our aim is to provide innovative, highly customised and bespoke solutions and advice that are infinitely more personal and independent than any offered by your bank or other financial advisory firm.

Working from within a stable and highly regulated European environment, our highly skilled and experienced advisers offer standards of continuity and service that are so often missing from larger, albeit much less personal, banks and financial institutions.

Through our team of highly skilled and qualified practitioners Milestone AMG provides a range of highly customised wealth management and estate preservation solutions that enable our clients to take full advantage of the benefits associated with the world's most respected and well regulated financial centres.

Working only in those OECD 'white-listed' jurisdictions that have long been at the forefront of the development of specialised wealth management solutions, here at The Milestone AMG we make every effort to ensure that we comply in all respects with the very high standards required of these jurisdictions and to deliver exceptional service to our clients.