We are a monthly subscription service which delivers premium loose leaf tea, straight to your door. At some point or another, we all face the same problem; be it because of work, or studies, time is limited, and we all wants to make the most of our day. Whereas coffee jolts you up, only to crash shortly thereafter, tea gives you the continuous, relaxing stream of stimulation you need to get things done.

Miletea aims to bring back the healthiest sipping habit, one cup at a time! Let our tea experts guide your exploration of the world of teas with our curated offers, inspired by the season. We go the extra mile so you can focus on what really matters. Healthy, reinvigorating, flavorful teas are now right at your fingertips!

Each month, we expand your tea horizons with two unique, premium teas for you to savour, as well as one of your choice from our classics, for the comforting pleasure of your favorite cuppa. With Miletea, you’ll discover exciting teas each month. We offer a fun, exciting way for you to explore the world of tea.

Miletea, brewing joy, one cup at a time.