About Mr.NSFW
Street-smart, Mr.NSFW with an IN-YOUR-FACE style breaks barriers by con dently  irting with profanity, o ensive and outrageous pieces of art that others have no chance but to face.
With vision of Outrages, Chaos and Dramas, Mr.NSFW creates for the one per cent of the one per cent of the people, selling gauchely Digital Art, Crypto Tokens, and Blasphemous Piece of Art to the Crypto Nouveau Riches.

Recently, the Artist has created a New Art Genre called Meta Capitalism giving the Opportunity to the Acquirer to exploit for Pro ts or not the Digital Artwork. All Mr.NSFWs Creations come with Mr.NSFW Promise Trademark “Your Outrage is Guaranteed!”

Follow Mr. NSFW on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrnsfwww
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