There are more than 3.7 million disabled veterans in the United States today, and hundreds of thousands of new veterans are separated from the military every year. According to IG audits, the VA makes mistakes in 25% of all disability cases. This means that more than 925,000 disabled veterans are currently not receiving the proper benefits that they deserve.

To address this problem, those of us at MilitaryDisabilityMadeEasy.com have joined together to create a new website that enables veterans to take control of their disability so they can ensure that they receive the proper compensation.

In our modern information age, it is surprising that there is a definite lack of simple, straightforward and complete information about the military disability process. The disability system is extremely complicated, but definitely manageable with the proper education. MilitaryDisabilityMadeEasy.com breaks down the entire disability system step-by-step, enlightening the veteran on what to expect, how to prepare, and how their conditions should be rated.

In addition to assisting veterans, our website also helps the thousands of military professionals who work in the disability system. Many physicians already turn to our website to quickly and simply look up conditions to see how to best conduct their exams.

With the number of disabled veterans, newly separated veterans, and military disability personnel, our site has the potential to impact close to 4 million military members and veterans, not to mention their families.