Milkin’ Cookies are the creation of the Mommy Doctors, two physicians and moms who wanted to continue nursing while working full-time. Like millions of nursing mothers, they wanted a better way to ensure adequate milk production. Tired of smelling like maple syrup from fenugreek and reluctant to take prescription medications, they embarked on a journey to help themselves and all nursing moms continue breastfeeding. Knowing from their medical training that some foods have the ability to increase milk production, Cheri and Lennox developed a portable snack that would help to increase milk supply. The result was Milkin’ Cookies, which contain galactogogues – ingredients that can help increase breast- milk production. The cookies are made of wholesome and healthy ingredients, including whole wheat flour, whole grains, flaxseed and wheat germ – important nutrients for babies and moms. They do not contain pharmaceuticals, herbal ingredients or preservatives. To learn more, please visit www.milkin-cookies.com.