Milkovation offers premium quality, VIVO Probiotic Starter Cultures that are Gluten-free, Dairy-free, GMO-free and Halal, designed to help improve the bacterial microflora in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Microflora within your GI tract (also called gut or digestive tract) is a valuable asset that is linked to many health issues and needs regular maintenance. Our probiotic starter cultures, are approved by Department of Agriculture, Australia, are sourced from well regarded suppliers in Europe (France, Germany and Denmark) and presented in unique combinations that may help in living a healthy lifestyle.

The term “probiotic bacteria” (also known as good bacteria, friendly bacteria or beneficial bacteria) refers to the live bacterial organisms which live and work in our GI tract and provide us multiple health benefits. One of the common benefits of consuming probiotics is the supression of disease causing bacteria and growth of healthy bacteria.

We have a range of healthy probiotic starter cultures for babies, children, teens, adults, seniors and sport-oriented people. They are easy to use and produce fresh-tasting, home-made yogurt and yogurt-like fermented dairy products. As you use our starter cultures in fresh milk, the quality attributes such as freshness and taste of home-made products are far superior to similar products made from milk powders.

If you don’t drink cow’s milk, you can use our probiotic starter cultures in alternative milks such as soy, almond, rice or coconut milk or you can use some of our probiotic starter cultures directly with any food or drink

So, why not make a healthy choice and look after your body by using VIVO Probiotic Starter Cultures from Milkovation