Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. is a vertically integrated engineering and manufacturing company capable of producing over 100 million interconnect components a week, making us the largest manufacturer of precision machined interconnect components in North America.

Established in 1971 by Roger Bahnik, Chairman and CEO, Mill-Max has a tradition of exercising total control from raw materials to finished product. Our 150,000 square foot plant, located in Oyster Bay, New York, houses all facilities including: engineering, tooling, primary and secondary machining, stamping, gold and tin plating, injection molding, automatic assembly operations and strict process control, monitored by our experienced Quality Control Inspectors.

Mill-Max is particularly distinguished by its use of proprietary high speed turning machines.  On our factory floor, hundreds of automated machines turn copper alloy rod and wire at high speed as cutting tools shape each pin.  This method enables us to hold tolerances down to +/-.0005 inches.  High-speed turning machines have the flexibility to be easily and quickly re-configured to make pins in different sizes and shapes.  This makes the task of producing application specific products simple.

Mill-Max manufactures a wide variety of interconnect components.  Our product line includes precision-machined spring-loaded connectors, SIP, DIP, PGA, BGA, and PLCC sockets, board-to-board interconnects and pin headers, PCB pins, receptacles and solder terminals, all available in SMT and through-hole.  We also are the source for wrapost receptacles and terminals, PLCC sockets, and USB connectors.  Mill-Max specializes in application specific products.

In addition, we offer military sockets, stamped DIP sockets, low-cost PLCC’s, and lubricated DIP and PLCC sockets.

With the June 2006 RoHS deadline, Mill-Max Mfg. Corp. has expanded its product line to include RoHS equivalent parts for virtually all its products.  We offer both tin/lead plated connectors for those customers who still require them, (i.e. Military, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Server products) as well as alternative platings that comply with the RoHS restrictions.

Mill-Max is able to certify that all pure bright tin, matte finish tin, gold, and silver (with tarniban finish) plated products meet RoHS requirements and are therefore compliant. A pure matte tin with oxide and whisker inhibitors can be specified. We have developed this certification through close participation with our raw material suppliers and careful review of our manufacturing control process.  We also offer our RoHS compliant products with distinct part numbers.

Mill-Max products are found in such diversified markets as:
•     Automotive
•     Backplanes
•     Broadcasting Equipment
•     Bar Code Scanners
•     Cable Television
•     Cellular Phones
•     Computers
•     Connectors
•     DC/DC Converters
•     Fiber Optics
•     Industrial Controls
•     Instrumentation
•     Medical Cables
•     Networking Systems
•     Pagers
•     Power Supplies
•     Scanners
•     Smoke Detectors
•     Telecommunications
•     Test Equipment

From order entry to shipping product, Mill-Max is focused on the total satisfaction of our customers.  Through its sales representative organizations, Mill-Max products are sold directly, as well as through a network of 19 authorized distributors located throughout the United States and in various locations worldwide.  It’s this commitment to excellence that truly makes Mill-Max your source for Maximum Interconnect Solutions.

•     Largest inventory of machined interconnect components in North America

•     Unique capabilities to provide emergency product assistance

•     Flexible enough to respond to individual needs

•     Expert custom design support