Million Dollar Mattress is mattress sales company , with our new showroom located at Lorden's Plaza, 586 Nashua St,  Milford, NH and on line at http://www.milliondollarmattress.com.  We sell all hand-made, custom made mattresses, box springs, pillows, protectors and other bedding. All of our custom products are made from American components, and proudly manufactured in New England.

Our parent company, Cable's Upholstery Design Studio, Inc., also of Milford, NH (http://www.cablesupholstery.com) is a leading supplier of upholstered architectural fabrications, such as commercial seating and wall panels. Million Dollar Mattress was a natural progression. Many of Cable's upholstery customers have been in search of a better mattress, with no sales bologna, and high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Rather than manufacturing the mattresses themselves, Cable's began the search for custom mattress makers. An new sales company was formed as a collaborative effort between principal Mary Cable and business partner,  Patrick Haase.

After a lengthy search, we were able to find 3 New England mattress manufacturers who are well established and have the same philosophy of "superior product without compromise" that we have. We chose the Internet for our original show room, but soon realized that our MDM- Million Dollar Mattress styles were so much different than the big box store brands, customers needed to feel the difference.

We are proud of our unique American product line and equally proud to offer the public clean, safe, natural, affordable mattresses that they can enjoy for years to come.