Since 1995 Millionaire Marketing International has been helping successful businesses, in the USA and Globally, both big and small, to reach Tens of Millions of New Affluent Airline Travelers each month with their custom marketing display ads, at Extreme Discounted Rates, that instantly drive interested readers Online to a Marketing Website or Funnel System.  

This Massive Global Marketing strategy is proven to create huge increases in our clients "Hot Prospect Leads", along with their product and/or service sales, resulting in major ongoing revenue streams and success.
We can do the same for your company.

Tari Steward, President & Creative Director of Millionaire Marketing International, founded the company in 1989 to market the now world famous International Association of Millionaires (I.A.M.) ® Million Dollar Bill products.  

Tari (as he is known professionally) is also the founder of the I.A.M. and is the Chief Artist and Designer of the extremely popular and world famous Limited Edition I.A.M. Million Dollar Bills.

For the last 28 years, MMI has been the Exclusive Global Source of this world famous and extremely popular Limited Edition "Financial Art" Collectibles, and they have sold over 820,000 of the Bills to tens of thousands of customers in 55 countries.

Tari is a successful Professional Artist and Visionary Global Entrepreneur, plus he is an accomplished Marketing Success Consultant, Salesperson, Fine Artist, Author, Website Designer, Video Producer, Sales Copywriter, Business Owner, Motivational Speaker and Humanitarian Philanthropist.