The SOS Million Teacher March is a group of teachers, parents, students, and other concerned citizens united in support of quality public education.

Our mission is to ensure that our public education system remains available to all, that support of public education becomes our highest priority, and that those involved in the public educational system truly receive the support and resources needed in order to succeed.

Our goal is to work with America's leaders to help them to better understand what actually occurs in public schools across the nation, to explain the obstacles and challenges faced by students, teachers, and administrators, and to inform them of what is truly needed in order to improve and succeed.

Our group speaks on behalf of all Americas to say that our education system is heading in the wrong direction and needs to be fixed immediately before it creates an even larger national crisis.  Reliance on test scores as the core measure of success for both students and educators fails to acknowledge other important but less easily measurable aspects of the educational experience.

We are concerned that current reform efforts devalue teachers, create competitive versus cooperative environments, penalize those who need help the most, and do not provide adequate funding to all.  We are also concerned by the increased influence of corporate entities on the public educational system and the diversion of valuable resources away from the public education.

The SOS Million Teacher March is also concerned by the pervasive culture of disrespect for education and educators which is found throughout this nation.  We believe that education, knowledge and creativity have been, and will continue to be, the cornerstone of success for this nation and must be valued by our citizenship. Without education, our children will not be provided the full range of skills needed to address the challenges of our future and our country will not succeed.

We believe that teachers have a strong desire to provided help our youth to succeed.  Teachers do not need punitive programs to "force" them to educate their students; teachers educate their students not only because it is their job, but because it is their passion.

The SOS Million Teacher March works to address these concerns by conducting advocacy and awareness events including both virtual and actual marches, rallies, and advocacy and education events. While the group’s goal is to work with anyone who shares its mission, it is neither union nor politically affiliated.