Mimerse was founded in 2014. Since then, we have been working with clinicians, scientists, healthcare and platform providers using immersive technologies to create a scalable future for mental healthcare. In this time, we have invented, developed and published the first mental health applications for consumers using virtual reality (VR) and we are focused on expanding towards self-administered, evidence-based direct to consumer VR treatments. We are unique in a way that we were the first company to clinically validate an automatic VR treatment for a specific phobia. We have created Itsy​, a completely automatic VR-based arachnophobia treatment app that was validated in a randomized controlled trial. We compared the results of treatment with the state of the art real-life exposure therapy conducted by a therapist and real-life spiders. Itsy was used by Samsung Electronics to promote their new VR headset Samsung Gear VR. We have also developed and released a pain distraction application called Happy Place​, which is being used at Apotek Hjärtat – the largest private chain of pharmacies in Sweden. The app’s successor Calm Place is about to be tested in a randomized controlled trial at a large hospital in Stockholm.