Mimmoorganics.com has Launched Organic Foods Products for Baby

Nowadays people have started to realise the necessity of organic foods due to the growing ill effects of non-organic food around the globe. It is important to give babies and kids the goodness of organic from the very start to ensure good health.
Mimmo Organics was born with the goal to give all children access to pure, wholesome and nutritious food. We offer a range of organic products which have been made with babies’, toddlers’ and young children’s best interests in mind.

After extensive research, we have brought to life foods that come in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. These appeal to the little munchkins and help them develop healthy eating habits from the very start!

The ultimate goal of Mimmo Organics is to deliver quality organic baby and children food. To ensure that this goal is met uncompromisingly, our products are USDA, EU, and India organic, and FSSAI certified and have all the best and highest levels of certification. We procure ingredients from only certified organic growers and manufacturers. We rigorously source these individual ingredients to ensure the cleanest recipes are delivered to our children.

Here’s a look at our star products

Organic Teething wafers
It’s the ideal snack for your baby during the teething period. Perfect for little fingers to hold, these healthy crackers make no mess and dissolve easily in the mouth (no choking). Our wafers are made in Italy with organic buckwheat and smidgen of organic exotic fruits and a hint of organic vegetables

Organic wholesome pasta range
This wholesome pasta collection comes in different shapes and colours to keep your tiny tots and kids riveted by presenting an assortment of bright hues and interesting forms, all the while adding a burst of delicious flavours to serenade their budding tastes and having them ask for more.

Veggie Alphabets Pasta
The goodness of organic semolina is infused with organic veggies: beetroot, spinach, carrot and tomato and served up in a fun way to help your toddler or child learn and enjoy the letters of the alphabet.

Baby flower Multi-millet pasta
A multi-millet mixture (Foxtail, Finger, Pearl, Sorghum) and wheat flour come together with beetroot to make small pink flower shaped pasta – great for adding interest, taste and health to your child’s meal.

Baby flower pasta- Red lentils
A blend of organic whole wheat flour, organic red lentils and carrot that come in small flower shaped pasta- great for adding interest, taste and health to your baby's meal.
Veggie Little Mac
A blend of wheat flour, beetroot, carrot and spinach that come in small cylindrical shapes of red, green and yellow natural colours- this one’s perfect for the little fingers to pick up, examine and relish.
Veggie Elbows
A brand-new amusing way to include vegetables in your child’s diet. Our pasta is made of 100% certified organic semolina infused with organic beetroot and carrot, getting that nutritious punch in your child’s diet will be a cake walk!
Power twirls pasta
A blend of organic whole wheat flour, organic red lentils and spinach that come in exciting dual coloured fusilli shapes is packed with proteins that promise healthy and fun meals.

Organic Multi-Grain Snack
Supa Bites is a healthy, wholesome organic snack, perfect for those times in between meals when our little ones need something to keep them going until mealtime, or as a tasty, healthy dessert. A super snack made with 8 super grains with chocolate filling without any artificial nasties for your little Supa kids.