Mind Leap’s mission is to make sure that parents and educators know which apps are educational and why, which keep kids engaged and which keep them coming back for more. And, we encourage app developers to build great stuff that turns kids on to learning.

With the explosion of apps all around us, and kids’ fascination with these new technologies, it’s critical that these developments open up opportunities for a new kind of learning instead of just wasted screen time. There is tremendous potential – from supporting basic reading or math concepts to opening up the wonders of nature or stars and the galaxy. We imagine kids building robots in 3-D, developing animated screenplays, designing buildings, composing music.

Mind Leap is a living map of the field of education apps for kids, publishing reviews of education apps in 3 categories + overall: educational value, engagement factor and shelf life. For parents and teachers, Mind Leap puts a spotlight on the apps that are doing it right. For developers, we identify gaps in offerings and opportunities for individual apps to be more educational and engaging. We help apps that are truly educational get the market attention they deserve.

Ultimately, Mind Leap supports the development of deeper, richer educational experiences that keep kids engaged.