At Mind Over Media we are, at our core, content and creative experts with a sharp focus on business results. With 20+ years of experience in content development, custom publishing and big-picture sales and marketing strategy, we understand that today’s media landscape demands a holistic, innovative, multi-platform approach. That's exactly what we provide.

We advance our clients' brands and businesses by creating authentic, resonant content and experiences tuned to cultural context. We know that great media – the kind that is relevant and forges lasting relationships between companies and customers – must be unique, and strike a deep emotional chord.

Here’s what we do best:

   * We listen.
   * We find fresh, powerful, efficient ways to reach your customers and create new revenue streams.
   * We re-invigorate the positioning – and surrounding messaging – of a brand.
   * We create customer communication platforms from the ground up.
   * We develop business models and strategies, and roll up our sleeves to bring them to fruition.

From our front-line perch, we know that world class content development requires a broad, skill-based, right and left brain approach. On one hand, ready-access to the best imaginable national quality, cross-platform editorial and design talent.  On the other, hard-won familiarity with business dynamics including direct marketing, online marketing, customer aquisition and conversion, production and distribution.

And finally - fueling it all – the notion that content, at its best, must unleash significant additional revenue and profit streams for our clients.