Mindspike Design is a Milwaukee web design and graphic design firm at the vanguard of Milwaukee’s flourishing creative scene, an ocean of inspiration and a prolific group of diversified talent operating in the Historic 3rd Ward of Milwaukee. We make brands top-of-mind by generating fresh brand identities, dynamic websites, creative communications and electrifying marketing programs. From start-ups to corporations, we provide a creative surge, a high voltage solution delivering a new kind of energy!

Founded in 2003 by Mike Magestro, Mindspike Design has redefined the role of a Milwaukee agency; living for the work and not by the awards. Great designers and marketers can be found anywhere, but only true design and marketing sherpas can be found here.

The creative process should be uncomplicated, engaging and enjoyable. Working with Mindspike is a collaborative experience. We streamline communication and efficiently produce remarkable creative with sound marketing strategy. We care about what our clients do, how they do it and how we can best help them be successful. Together, we will forge a partnership that delivers on-target budget conscious solutions for today’s demanding marketplace.

We’ve got ink in our blood, and a super-fast Internet connection. Team those characteristics with a pot of (quality) black coffee and mad quesadilla making skills you’ve got yourself MINDSPIKE: The ultimate local brand builders.