MindTribe is a product development firm specializing in innovative, class-leading technology products. Their goal is to help their clients establish or maintain a leadership position through products that win.

From automotive to consumer to medical, MindTribe has played a central role in helping clients develop class-leading technology products like the Flip Mino video camera, Jawbone Bluetooth headset, Tesla Roadster, and an implanted medical device charged inductively.
With a proven track record of 12 years, global companies and start-ups alike have positioned MindTribe as the leader when they need innovative technology products to drive class-leading user experiences.

MindTribe enables their clients' ideas with a unique blend of leadership and engineering execution to ensure the core product vision is maintained from start to finish. They mix MindTribe's own in-house team of electrical, software, and mechanical engineers with client teams and proven partners to enable creation of truly class-leading, innovative products that expand the realm of human possibility.

Appropriately located in Palo Alto, between the HP garage and the lab that birthed the first vacuum tube amplifier, MindTribe brings integrated engineering to a new era of technology innovation