Shopping for fantastic children's clothing just got easier and way more stylish. MiniChic & Co are proud to announce the release of their new exclusive children’s e-Boutique, see their full range at www.minichicandco.com.

Driven by a dream to deliver beautifully handmade, elegant children’s clothing to the world, CEO Sofia Gouveia and her team have worked hard to create a business that delivers on every level.

A successful businesswoman, loving wife and proud mum, her passion for children’s fashion started as soon as her beautiful daughter was born. Sofia had a desire to find clothing that was not only practical and stylish, but also as exclusive and unique as the children that wear them. After searching, and failing, to find clothing that fit all of those criteria, another embryonic idea started to grow.

After many months of research trying to find exclusive, luxurious clothing that was both beautiful and incredibly well-designed, Sofia eventually drew a blank. What she was looking for her business didn’t exist, but that didn’t stop her. Determined to create a unique selection of luxurious children’s clothing to market, she worked hard to find pieces that fit with her vision.

Sofia searched far and wide to find quality, limited-edition designer clothing that would thrill both parents and children alike. Her desire and patience paid off. Sofia struck deals with some of the most talented designers around to create a range of beautiful, exclusive clothing just for children. Each piece would be available in very limited numbers, even down to one-off pieces and each one would be carefully crafted by small teams of artisans, to retain their exclusivity and incredibly high quality. With new partnerships also being formed with Papouelli Shoes and social shopping platform MyChildWorld, MiniChic & Co was born.

If you’re looking for elegance and exclusivity in what your children wear, MiniChic & Co is the place to go. You won’t find their clothes on the high street and, in these days of mass market children's wear where individuality has all but disappeared, you will find it alive and well at MiniChic & Co. It’s their raison d’être.

To this day, Sofia continues to personally hand pick each item they sell to ensure each customer is getting carefully-selected, highly-exclusive clothing for their children that excels in both design and quality. With a website that is as beautiful as the clothes it sells, Mini Chic & Co. cater for all the savvy mums and fashion-conscious children around the world. They look forward to seeing you there.

For more information regarding this press release or to arrange interview appointments, please contact Sofia Gouveia via email at info@minichicandco.com. Her biography is available at about.me/SofiaGouveia.

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