Publisher. Most recent book is: optimal well-being with minimal change.

A work in progress at: www.wellbeing.pressbooks.com.

About The Book

It’s what we all want…the healthiest life…the healthiest life with a minimum of change. Is that possible? Yes it is. Much of the life well lived and making any change is not expecting to change too much too quickly…or we give up.

The book is filled with Oh’s

Oh, that’s interesting. I didn’t know that about my well-being.

Oh, that makes sense.

Oh, I can do that!

Here’s an example. A large number of people take statins (Lipitor, etc.) to reduce their cholesterol. Statins are known to cause Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. So what to do? The answer is to eat three tablespoons a day of organic coconut oil.

I did that and went from 225 to 165 for total cholesterol in two months. Don’t think I hadn’t tried everything else. A diet with no red meat and no milk products…I had reason to worry. My father was a 500 lifetime hitter who had total cholesterol of 360 while taking statins. He died at 72. Wanting to live longer I’ve had to be inquisitive about safer more effective ways of being healthy.

It’s really all about my sharing the simple things that I’ve spent years learning and showing how easy a healthy life can be.

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