Our company is dedicated to brokering the most promising mining properties and claims available  on the market.  We keep a database of claims and buyers of claims which we update on an ongoing basis.  The staff has years of experience in the marketplace and we have contacts all over the world which allows access to best product available.

Many of our buyers are public companies in the US, Canada, and Europe.  We do not provide financing for the acquisition of properties offered on this website but we can refer funding sources.  Our network speaks to investment bankers, brokerage firms, and private investors on a regular basis.  In order to remain impartial we do not receive any commission on in  financing that might occur following the acquisition of a property listed on our website.

Our company is only paid a finders fee on any deal that is completed. All payments received by our company (stock/cash) are put into trust with our attorney and any stock sold is done under the direction of the trustee.