MintKit Investing is a resource for earnest investors interested in growth in a global marketplace. The resources are grounded on a holistic approach to the field: divining the true nature of financial markets along with sound techniques for investment planning.

The purpose of the hub is to unveil trends, pinpoint patterns, and explore paths for the future in order to support a wholesome program of investment. The topics of interest span the gamut from sprouting markets and unsung assets to novel tools and counterintuitive results.

The hub is designed for genuine investors at all levels of experience, from the complete beginner to the seasoned veteran. The broad scope may sound like a tall order, and it surely is.

Despite the lofty goal, though, the objective is not as quixotic or impractical as it seems at first blush. The reason is that the site makes no effort at all to catalog every crumb of information known to humankind about the financial forum or the real economy.

Instead, the aim is simply to pinpoint the nuggets which are most likely to be helpful for the prudent investor. On one hand, the crucial concepts and results are applicable to all types of participants in the marketplace. On the other hand, the program of research is not addressed directly toward peripheral parties such as hyperactive traders or hard-core speculators.

A basic theme of the site lies in high growth adjusted for risk. To this end, a primary task is to lay bare the misconceptions regarding flimsy schemes that claim to snag high returns in exchange for high risk.

An example of the pitfalls in store is the unseen menace of complete ruin in addition to the obvious bogey of nauseous volatility due to a shaky gambit. Another sample is the baneful impact of frenetic trading, as in the case of darting in and out of the market in the grip of the latest fad, whim or fear.

In this way, the resources are meant to uplift the productivity of the steadfast investor. The aim is to boost returns with less risk over the long haul.

The agenda of course defies the usual grind of great toil and low yield for the mass of players in the arena. In pursuing the hearty course of action, the germinal task is to glean the wheat from the chaff, the signal from the noise, the fact from the myth.