Transforming Lives with the Love of Jesus! Non-Denominational Church located in Baker, LA. Senior Pastor Ricky Sinclair founder of Miracle Place Church and Sinclair World Ministries.
We are a body of imperfect people striving to be like our perfect God. Our church is led by a Bishop who truly has a heart for the lost, the hurting and those who most consider unreachable. The love of Christ that flows throughout our congregation has drawn together people from all walks of life. Our goal is to meet God’s people right where they are and help them to flourish into the productive beings that God created them to be. Ricky Sinclair known as "Miracle At Large" where he escapes prison and get chased by the Angola chase team for 56 days in the woods. After being caught and facing a life sentence, he found God and he completely has changed and going for God all the way.