Miracle Wand is the original DIY drapery wand and the ultimate window accessory!
You make a Miracle Wand by attaching our product to a 3/8” wooden dowel available from any hardware store.
Works with all curtain styles – grommet, tab top, or rod pocket. Make them as long as you want, decorate them any way you want, and buy four pairs (for four windows) for the same price as most acrylic drapery pulls for one window!

Perfect for the Not-Tall. Kids love to decorate their Miracle Wands any way they want! Miracle Wands can be made 4 feet long and even longer, so anyone can reach. Also perfect for those with limited mobility. Why should you suffer just because you can’t reach very far?

Perfect when Something's In The Way. Are your curtains hard to get to? Maybe there’s a sofa in the way, or a dresser. You might not be able to grasp the top of the curtains…but you sure could reach your Miracle Wands!

Like all world-changing inventions, it was a solution to a problem many people had and nobody was solving.

One of our friends is just a titch over five feet tall. She lived in a basement suite with a window at the very top of her wall. On top of that, she had a table in front of the window because that was the only place it would really fit.

But this made opening and closing the curtains difficult. She couldn’t reach the top of them in order to close them all the way at night, and couldn’t open them all the way in the mornings. She wanted drapery batons but didn’t have a lot of money to spend on them, especially for 4-foot ones.

Wooden dowels seemed a great solution, but how to attach them to the curtains?

Some time spent with a 3D design program came up with the link between the dowel and the curtains. We’re sure you’ll agree the solution is beautiful and effective. Even da Vinci would be proud!