Miroma Project Factory, the digital development arm of the global communications company the Miroma Group, is an award-winning digital production company that creates transmedia entertainment across web, apps, mobile, social, paid media, interactive TV, virtual worlds and games platforms.

Founded in 2005, the company has offices in Sydney and London producing interactive entertainment for movie, television and print media companies. We are a member of the worldwide Web Analytics Association and AIMIA (Australian Interactive Media Association) of which our own Guy Gadney is former National President.

Our projects are as diverse as managing the global social media strategy for television’s Downton Abbey, award-winning work developing the Australian Federal Government's Quit Smoking app My QuitBuddy and the radically successful second-screen project Wie Is Tim? for RTL.

Our work for feature films and television shows has involved highly integrated campaigns using exclusively-shot video content, creating fictional characters online, leveraging existing online groups, optimizing SEO, building storylines and characters from the film into non-linear and interactive narratives.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have worked on health initiatives with both private and government bodies. We have extensive experience working with research organisations and have developed web and mobile apps in the areas of mental health, happiness, weight management and disability.