We are living in a connected world. We have access to more information than any generation before us. At all times, almost anywhere ... just the bathroom is still digitally "dark". A mirror was a mirror which reflects your appearance. Brushing your teeth? Washing your hands? Putting on make-up? Drying your hair? We say that can be more exciting and more up to date!

We have taken on the task since 2014 to develop a mirror that truly reflects YOU! Your favorite news sites, Your Facebook or Twitter accounts, Your local weather forecast, Your calendar for the day, and a lot more contencts to choose from! Aaaand Your sound system!

IIt's time for a change! The personalized MIRROReins will bring lifestyle in your bathroom and make it shine!

You never heard about a mirror like this one? Don't worry, we didn't either which is why we designed and built the first truly multimedia mirror for you! ...and before you ask: No, it is not a touch screen - fingerprints wouldn't look so good on a mirror. The mirror will be configured on your smartphone. The MIRROReins stores the configuration and the auto-updates and displays your contents!